CATROVACER. The truth behind it.

Warning!! Spoilers ahead!! Don’t not read this post if you haven’t finish the book or read about¬†CATROVACER yet.

The first cipher that appears on in the book are the letters CATROVACER. This came from the Map of Hell, a painting by Sandro Botticelli.

Botticelli's Map of Hell where CATROVACER is found

Botticelli’s Map of Hell in Dan Brown Inferno where CATROVACER appeared.

Of course we all know what it leads to eventually in the book. However, we did look into the letters and discovered something else that is interesting.

Let’s look at the word again.


In the book, the letters are divided in a manner that cut off the last third letters.


Using letter number code where A = 1 and B = 2, etc, CER can be converted into numbers.


Scrambling the numbers a little became


Still doesn’t make sense? Given the release date of the book is 14th May 2013, which is 14.5.13 and the timing of the release of the virus is going to be “tomorrow” as stated in the book which is going to be 15th May 2013, 15.5.2013. But in fact, Bertrand Zobrist had timed its release a week early. So the actual date of the release of the virus is ….. that is correct. 8th May 2013, 8.5.13.

Undisputed truth “behind” CATROVACER.

4 thoughts on “CATROVACER. The truth behind it.

  1. I am just starting to read Inferno, however, unlike my reading of all Dan Brown’s other books, I am taking the time to look up maps and words so my understanding ofmthemtime and trouble Dan puts into his books , will be better understood by me as I continue reading Inferno!

  2. hi, i am reading inferno now and i have read the part about the CATROVACER from the map of hell. it does not make sense to me…perhaps you could help me. i have studied the map of hell and it doesn’t seem right to me regarding the levels of letters in the book. in the book it stated that letter ‘r’ is supposed to be on the level of legs sticking out of the earth, right? it’s supposed to be the tenth ditch. i looked at the map of hell and the legs sticking out of the earth are found on the third level. i looked at the tenth level and i do not see any leg sticking out of the earth. did dan brown switch the levels around in the book?? i tried to find the answer online but no luck so far so i thought i’d ask…thanks!

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